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Globe|July 15, 2024KIM: LESS BOTOX WILL MAKE ME A BETTER ACTORMOVE over, Meryl Streep! Billionaire underwear mogul Kim Kardashian is serious about her budding acting career, claiming offers have come pouring in after her role in American Horror Story: Delicate.But don’t expect any dramatic De Niro-esque transformations. “I’m not gonna be gaining 500 pounds for a role,” she insists. She WILL consider cutting back on visits to the dermatologist. “I feel like you need less Botox for more emotion,” she says. “How am I gonna cry?”…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024INSIDE THE MIND OF ASERIAL KILLERCHILLING diaries of vicious serial killer Ted Bundy — penned as he awaited execution on Florida’s death row — reveal the monster never regretted murdering 30 innocent women and, incredibly, the vicious psycho believed HE was the real victim!Bloodcurdling documents obtained by GLOBE reveal Bundy wallowed in self-pity and crazily saw himself as the spiritual successor to India’s nonviolent activist Mahatma Gandhi, who was repeatedly imprisoned for championing human rights!Crime experts, who analyzed the fiend, say Bundy was cunning but not crazy — a real-life Jekyll and Hyde!In a stunning cache of handwritten messages, Bundy’s cousin and childhood playmate Edna Cowell Martin, now in her 70s, begs the remorseless killer to confess to his crimes and reveal where he concealed his victims’ bodies.“For the sake of your family and especially…3 min
Globe|July 15, 2024CELEBRITYBUZZBIGWIG WANTS JOHNNY BACKThe hotshot behind the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean flick must think he’s got a stinker — or should we say “sinker” — ’cause he’s raised the white flag to former star JOHNNY DEPP, who was blackballed from the series following his embarrassing defamation suit, which he won, with ex-wife AMBER HEARD. But after previously leaving Johnny’s quirky Capt. Jack Sparrow pirate character dead in the water, producer TERRY ROSSIO is suddenly welcoming the bad boy back, saying: “Johnny is beloved. I wouldn’t even hesitate on Johnny Depp.” Suddenly Rossio’s blathering about a Pirates reboot with the original cast, including Depp, KEIRA KNIGHTLEY, ORLANDO BLOOM and GEOFFREY RUSH. He apparently noticed Johnny’s big again and got a five-minute standing ovation for his new historical film, Jeanne du…4 min
Globe|July 15, 2024FISHERMEN RESCUE 38 DROWNING DOGS!TWO insurance agents enjoying a guided fishing trip on a Mississippi lake made quite a catch — they managed to reel in 38 desperate dogs that were on the verge of drowning!The furiously dog-paddling canines were soaked and exhausted by the time Jonesboro, Ark., resident Bob Gist and his pal Brad Carlisle of Covington, Tenn.,, along with guide Jordan Chrestman, noticed first one head bobbing — and then dozens more!“What is that out in the water?” Gist says he wondered.“I think those are dogs!” the guide yelled back.True to their nature, the hound dogs — who had been on a fox hunt — relentlessly chased a wayward deer and didn’t give up even when the hoofed ruminant plunged into the water.“A deer can swim the Mississippi River, and those dogs…2 min
Globe|July 15, 2024WHY WOODY IS PHONE PHOBICTECHNOPHOBE Woody Harrelson refuses to own a cell phone! He says he went cold turkey after he found the device was taking up too much of his day. “I just don’t like to … be readily available to any human being at any time,” Woody, 62, said on his new podcast with fellow Cheers alum Ted Danson.But Ted, 76, had another theory. “[Woody’s] one of those bullies in life that make other people carry his phone for him,” he quipped.…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024NFL STAR TACKLED FOR DRIVING INTO EATERY!PLASTERED pigskin pro Lonnie Phelps — a defensive lineman with the Cleveland Browns — crashed his SUV into a Florida restaurant, causing $3,000 worth of destruction, lawmen say.Phelps, 23, was arrested for DUI and property damage after allegedly slamming his Hyundai into a hotspot in Key West — and was released by the NFL team hours later.Police bodycam footage appears to capture the jock looking confused and slurring his words. According to an affidavit, the fussy football player complained and was combative.One of the arresting officers also writes the blathering blowhard “asked me not to kill him,” “asked me how long it takes to bail out” and “informed me I was Russian.”Cops say the pissy suspect also urinated on himself while in custody at the station!…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024CROSSWORDACROSS1 Musical group5 Use FedEx, say9 Colors13 Pudding fruit17 Gen. Rbt.18 Heal19 Fencer’s blade20 Cork’s country21 Beowulf, e.g.22 Actor Epps or Sharif23 “—It Romantic?”24 Overtake25 Tracks27 “We’ve been —!”29 Sofia’s portrayer in The Color Purple30 Carpentry tool31 Fundamentally35 Love madly38 Frosh, next year39 — vera40 Air letters?43 Green citrus fruit44 Blocks45 High-fiber cereal46 Sturdy tree47 Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.48 Cheshire Cat feature49 Long, narrow carpet51 Glide on snow52 Be in command of54 Angers55 Barnaby Jones star57 “Awesome!”58 Unclear59 Observe60 Louisiana waterway63 Miss Hawkins of Dogpatch64 Hamlet’s cousin68 High card69 Took a break71 Pants parts72 Aviary sound73 “La la” preceder74 Kill, in a way75 Charlotte’s Web girl76 Jackknife, for one77 Not him78 Assistant79 Love handles, essentially80 High boot81 Necessity is the mother of —83 Animal house84 Close in Hollywood87 “Now — theater near…2 min
Globe|July 15, 2024BEARGLAR CONFRONTS PARK COOK TO GET AT GUMBO!A GUMBO-LOVING black bear broke into a Tennessee concession stand through the employee entrance, browsed the counter and scarfed up some grub — before lunging at an unsuspecting worker lugging in a simmering pot of stew!Surveillance footage from the Anakeesta Mountaintop Adventure Park in Gatlinburg shows the piggish predator taking a quick swipe at the horrified staffer before beating a hasty retreat.“He’s drooling!” someone can be heard saying in the background of a bystander’s video. “He’s all about this gumbo!”The employee who got swiped on the arm was not seriously injured.The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency says the gumbo-guzzling glutton was later caught and euthanized because the critter had gotten too comfortable around people and would undoubtedly have made another run on the Bear Can or other concession.“The bear entered from…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024THE PRICE IS WRONG!FURIOUS fans persist in calling out The Price Is Right for being rigged and playing favorites, and sources say the ongoing accusations are taking a devastating toll on host Drew Carey and the rest of the iconic game show’s crew!After a recent contestant won a trip of a lifetime, viewers sounded off online, blasting Drew, 66, for allegedly favoring some of the competitors.“Sometimes I think they just give people they like the win,” fumes one poster.Another agrees, saying, “Funny. Because I thought the same way also.”And a third simply writes, “WTF” with a thumbs-down emoji.The complaints have sent shock waves through the entire production team, says a show insider.“Drew does a fabulous job but scandals like this don’t do anyone any good and it’s got people worried behind the scenes,”…2 min
Globe|July 15, 2024DONALD SUTHERLAND’S DYING REGRET!HUNGER GAMES star Donald Sutherland went to his death deeply distraught that he hadn’t done more to help his actor son Kiefer when he was desperately battling the dual demons of drugs and alcohol!That’s what sources close to the iconic Canadian actor tragically revealed after he passed away following a long illness at 88 on June 20.“Donald died regretting the fact that, for many years, his physical life with Kiefer was nonexistent,” says a source.“He loved his son but mostly from afar and he’d wished he’d helped him when he really needed it the most!”The gaunt, thrice-married 6-foot-4 Dirty Dozen star once admitted: “With Kiefer, I don’t see him enough.” Kiefer was Donald’s son from his brief second marriage to the late actress Shirley Douglas, who he divorced in 1970.Two…2 min
Globe|July 15, 2024CHUCK NORRIS TOO TOUGH TO RETIRE!MARTIAL ARTS master Chuck Norris is still knocking ’em down at the ripe age of 84, say insiders, thanks to daily tough workouts that would leave a 20-year-old gasping for air and special meals that keep him rock hard and strong.The actor, a black belt in Tang Soo Do, Brazilian jiujitsu and judo, was 32 when he battled the legendary Bruce Lee in 1972’s The Way of the Dragon, and now, 52 years later, is socking baddies in the new action thriller Agent Recon.And he doesn’t just win on the screen, notes an insider, adding: “He’s kicking everyone’s butt who trains with him.“These macho guys may come in thinking they can challenge him with their moves and swaggering attitude, but Chuck always wins and teaches them a lesson they’ll remember.“No…2 min
Globe|July 15, 2024CELINE’S SEIZUREAGONY!SOBBING singer Celine Dion suffered an agonizing ten-minute seizure while shooting a film about her heart-breaking struggle with rare stiff person syndrome!In a harrowing clip from I Am: Celine Dion, the haggard hitmaker weeps and gasps for breath as her skeletal body is wracked by painful muscle spasms, which leave her immobile — a hallmark of the neurological disorder.Celine, 56, was diagnosed with the crippling condition in 2022 after troubling physical symptoms caused her to postpone and eventually cancel her Courage World Tour.Sources say the stricken songbird insisted on including the disturbing scene in the documentary without any changes to display the horrors of the progressive and incurable disease.Cameras captured a medical professional monitoring the wailing Power of Love warbler and administering a nasal spray to relax her contracted tissues.Celine…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024ENGAGEMENTS, BABIES … AND MORE!Former teen bride COURTNEY STODDEN, 29, is flashing her bikini bod and engagement ring from movie producer JARED SAFIER, 41. Stodden was 16 when she wed actor DOUG HUTCHISON, then 51.Barstool Sports founder DAVE PORTNOY, 47, boasts he “beat” cancer following removal of a malignant mole on his neck.Country music artist KANE BROWN, 30, and his wife, KATELYN JAE, 32, welcomed their third child, son KREWE, June 18.Perpetually tardy MADONNA is breathing a sigh of relief after a judge tossed a wacky class action lawsuit by fans over her arriving at a concert two hours late.Rapper NELLY, 49, and galpal ASHANTI, 43, are expecting a little one but it’s legit — the lovers secretly got hitched six months ago.CLINT EASTWOOD, 94, hosted the wedding of preggers daughter MORGAN and beau…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024DEMI’S BAD CASE 0F PUPPY LOVE!SEXY single Demi Moore adores her pack of pooches so much, insiders bark the G.I. Jane actress often turns down dates with guys to cuddle with her fur babies instead!“Demi always says her dogs mean more to her than any people in her life, aside from her kids, and she doesn’t see a thing wrong with that,” snitches a source.The 61-year-old Striptease stunner, whose three exhubbies include hunky actors Bruce Willis, 69, and Ashton Kutcher, 46, hasn’t had any romance in over two years, but an insider says she’s told friends she’d rather hang at home with her nine dogs than “waste her time” hunting for love.“Her dogs bring her so much joy and comfort, and their love is so reliable and sincere,” tattles the source. “Unlike most people she…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024JUSTIN’S SOBERING PRICE FOR DUI TICKETSEXYBACK singer Justin Timberlake seems to have lost some of his luster in the aftermath of his DWI arrest in New York as tickets for his once-ballyhooed Forget About Tomorrow tour have been slashed to as little as 11 bucks!A top resale website set the paltry price for one of tippling Timberlake’s Pennsylvania shows hours after lawmen accused the 43-year-old pop prince of being pickled when he blew through a stop sign in the Hamptons on June 18.As GLOBE reported, author ities say the snooty stud — who shot a commercial with his NSYNC bandmates about drinking responsibly in 2001 — refused to take a breathalyzer and later claimed he had just “one martini.”A rep for Justin’s lawyer says his counsel looks forward to “vigorously defending” against the allegations.…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024WILLIAM GIVES HARRY A SWIFT KICK!PETTY Prince William cozied up to pop princess Taylor Swift knowing all too well his growing friendship with the Cruel Summer singer would set off the snubbed Duke and duch*ess of Sussex — and now the unwitting superstar is caught in the middle of a royal civil war, palace spies squeal.William, 42, beamed backstage in London as Taylor and her football player beau, Travis Kelce, snapped after-concert pics with the future king and his two oldest kids, Prince George, 10, and Princess Charlotte, 9.The Shake It Off songbird even shared one selfie online and wished Wills a happy birthday!“Taylor is very much on the royals’ radar. It’s not just Charlotte and George who love her. Everyone’s raving about her and how talented and charming she is,” a source spills.“The word…3 min
Globe|July 15, 2024SHARKS KILL PIRATES STAR!LEGENDARY surfer and Pirates of the Caribbean actor Tamayo Perry was killed by sharks in an attack so gruesome that only a part of his mutilated body was found.The 49-year-old champion wave-rider, who appeared in the fourth Pirates epic, was found with an arm and leg missing by surfers off Malaekahana Beach on Oahu’s North Shore.The attack came when Perry took a lunch-hour break from his lifeguard job to ride some waves.A beachgoer saw Perry’s ravaged body and alerted emergency services. Paramedics were unable to resuscitate him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.Ironically, Perry, who leaves behind his wife, Emilia, was considered an “ocean safety” expert and a skilled surfer who won the famed Pipeline Masters competition in 1999.In addition to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, he…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024TATTOOS INCREASE BLOOD CANCER RISKPEOPLE with tattoos may get more than they bargained for when inking their skin as researchers in Sweden found folks with the body modification have a 21 percent higher risk of developing rare blood cancers!Lund University scientists surveyed nearly 12,000 individuals about their lifestyle and health. They determined having skin art had an association with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma — an aggressive but curable cancer — and slow-growing follicular lymphoma, which cannot be cured.Both conditions start in white blood cells — immune system cells responsible for fighting pathogens.“We already know when the tattoo ink is injected into the skin, the body interprets this as something foreign that should not be there, and the immune system is activated,” says Dr. Christel Nielsen, who led the project.“A large part of the ink…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024GWEN’S NAILS NOT UP TO SCRATCH!POP hottie Gwen Stefani’s 2.5-inch fingernails drive her hubby, Blake Shelton, crazy — and not in a good way, say tattlers!The 54-year-old platinum blond beauty, who tied the knot with Blake, 48, in 2021, loves her long, signature scratchers, but the Hillbilly Bone crooner claims they are total terrors, especially when the lovebirds are in the throes of passion!“Gwen has accidentally scratched Blake on more than one occasion when they are getting frisky,” says the source. “And the tiny little jewels she adds make them even sharper.“Blake doesn’t understand how Gwen can function with her fancy, long nails, and neither do her fans. But somehow, she manages.”The source dishes Gwen’s talons take getting used to when it comes to simple chores.“Even her fans want to know how she manages to…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024HEFNER’S BUNNIES IN MOUTHY CATFIGHTA RABID bunny fight has erupted between the late Hugh Hefner’s widow, Crystal, and two other exes of the Playboy power broker over who is entitled to say what!After Crystal Hefner, 38, sent a cease and desist letter to Holly Madison, 44, and Bridget Marquardt, 50, for dissing her on a podcast — with Holly accusing Crystal of “copying” her — the two former galpals of the silk pajama–clad media titan bunny-hopped back at her!Crystal, who was married to Hef from 2012 until his death at 91 in 2017, is president of the Hugh M. Hefner Foundation, which promotes free speech and individual liberties.“I can’t deal with the hypocrisy right now!” declares Holly.“Nobody’s allowed to talk but her!” bellyaches Bridget.…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024JEN HUDSON’S FREAKY FAMILYHas 26 brothers and sisters on her daddy’s sideFAMILY is everything to Jennifer Hudson — it turns out her father had 27 kids and the singer says her “dream” is to meet every one of them!“Apparently he had 27 children!” says the award-wining thrush, who recently revealed on a podcast she first learned of her pop’s prolific paternity as a teenager and it made her eager to explore more of her fertile family tree.“It was my dream to have all of us at this grand Thanksgiving or Christmas table, and we all sit and eat together — that was my goal at 16,” insists the 42-year-old Dreamgirls belter, whose mother, Darnell Donerson, and her brother, Jason Hudson, were brutally murdered in 2008 along with nephew Julian King.After searching for her…2 min
Globe|July 15, 2024TREASURE HUNTERS STRIKE GOLD UNDER THE SEA!THRILLED treasure hunters have found a new batch of booty from the 1715 fleet of Spanish ships that sank off Florida’s Atlantic coast hundreds of years ago during a hurricane.A group of divers working with 1715 Fleet Queens Jewels LLC, the company that owns the salvage rights, recently surfaced with 214 coins and other artifacts.The coins, gold or silver, will have to be cleaned before the value of the find can be determined.Expedition boat captain Grant Gitschlag was surprised at the discovery, saying: “You don’t expect that. You always hope for it, but you never expect it. To get this kind of quantity in a period of a couple of days is a very exciting start.”The reason for his surprise is that treasure hunters have been salvaging the wrecks of…2 min
Globe|July 15, 2024FATTY’S LAST STAND!THE 1921 comedy Brewster’s Millions stars silent-film star ROSCOE “FATTY” ARBUCKLE as a chump who must quickly spend down a million-dollar inheritance to quality for an even larger sum. The beloved actor, 34, had made tons of movies and was living high on the hog. But after this movie came out, he was caught up in a ghastly scandal that took an ax to his career — even though he was found innocent of manslaughter charges over the death at a boozy party of 30-year-old starlet Virginia Rappe! The judge even apologized to Arbuckle for the horrible rumors involving rape and a broken bottle. The broken butterball died of a heart attack at age 46, just when he was finally making a comeback. The flick was remade in 1985 with…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024BUT TRUE!KEY West, Fla., is overrun by feral chickens brought to the island by Cuban immigrants. The birds were once outlawed, but the ban was rescinded when residents complained the birds were ending up in pots at local homes and restaurants.TWO off-duty Kirkland, N.Y., firefighters, 33-year-old Nathan Doody and 29-year-old Tyler Memory, died when they fell into a farm’s manure tanker. Both dudes had passed out from toxic fumes.REACHING the top of the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, costs about $45,000 per person! An estimated 4,000 adventurers have scaled the mountain since 1953.SLY British Prime Minister Winston Churchill got a doctor’s note describing alcohol as mandatory medicine so he could drink while visiting America during Prohibition.THE cost of a gallon of gas includes nine-tenths of a cent based on a 90-year-old…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024JACKSON HOMESTEAD IS REAL-LIFE THRILLER!MICHAEL JACKSON’s first permanent California home must have inspired his iconic Thriller album, with sources revealing the Hayvenhurst Ave. house in Encino — where family matriarch Katherine still lives — is reputedly haunted by demons and spirits!The Jackson family moved into the home in 1971. While Michael’s 94-year-old mother hasn’t seen the ghosts, insiders say she believes evil “demons” are lurking in the home and has had the place blessed at least twice so, like Michael’s hit says, the spooks would beat it!“Our Encino home was built on an Indian burial ground,” confides Michael’s brother and former Jackson 5 bandmate Jermaine. “So, all kinds of spirits seem to be drawn there.“One night I opened my eyes and there were two older people standing at the foot of my bed. They…2 min
Globe|July 15, 2024TRAVIS’ BRO STEPS ON TAYLOR’S TOES!SEEMS TAYLOR SWIFT has in-law troubles — and she’s not even engaged to tight end love TRAVIS KELCE! But his bigmouth bro, JASON, has her country pals’ knickers in a twist by dumping piles of manure on their twangy music.The burly, just retired, All-Pro center of the Philadelphia Eagles unloaded during his podcast with Travis, who catches passes for the Kansas City Chiefs, growling: “If I have to hear one more country song that’s like, ‘I got my boots in my truck going through the fields’ — like, what the f*** are we talking about? That’s not country music. Put on some f***ing WILLIE NELSON. I am tired of country music and what it has become. It is horses***!”Now, spies say poor Travis has to cool things with Taylor, who…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024FASHION VERDICTGINA TORRESThe Suits lawyer commits a fashion crime by pairing a colorblock skirt and a floral blouseMINDY COHNThe former Facts of Life kid roars back into the limelight with a spot-on leopard print dressCHRISTIE BRINKLEYThe stylish model is picture-perfect in an off-the-shoulder gown with an eye-catching sashJENNA DAVISWhat a horror! The M3GAN doll appears frightfully underdressed in a sheer corset frockGAYLE KINGBad news for the TV talker — her ruched dress manages to accentuate her boxy bod!…1 min
Globe|July 15, 202410 THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT RITA ORAPOP royalty Rita Ora, 33, has ruled the charts with hits such as R.I.P. and How We Do (Party) — but she’s now holding court as the scheming Queen of Hearts in Disney’s Descendants: The Rise of Red. The fairy tale flick follows her work in last year’s fantasy film Wonderwell and her multiple judging stints on reality TV talent contests in America and abroad. Here are ten things you don’t know about the Masked Singer panelist.1 She was born as Rita Sahatciu in what’s now known as Kosovo with her surname being derived from the Turkish word saatci, which means watchmaker. But her parents later added Ora, which means time in their mother tongue Albanian, because it’s easier to pronounce.2 Rita was a baby when her family fled to…2 min
Globe|July 15, 2024RAPPER TRAVIS SCOTT BUSTED AS BOATYARD BOOZERROWDY rapper Travis Scott — two-time baby daddy of reality TV’s Kylie Jenner — is accused of causing an alcohol-fueled altercation at a docked yacht in South Florida — but later laughed off his arrest on social media!According to cops, Scott, whose real name is Jacques Webster, was involved in a “disturbance,” displayed “erratic” behavior and refused to leave the scene — despite being asked to vamoose several times!A police affidavit states ten officers found the hotheaded Texan hollering “obscenities” at the boat’s occupants from the marina’s grounds — and claims the Sicko Mode singer had a “strong smell” of hooch on his breath!A source dishes the dust-up was solely verbal and “there was no physical altercation with anyone.”Cops claim when they asked Scott, 33, whether he’d been drinking, the…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024KING’S SIS HAS BRAIN DAMAGE AFTER ACCIDENTKING CHARLES’ sister, Prince Anne, is expected to “bounce back,” say royal sources, following a nasty head injury from a horse on her Gatcombe Park estate.The 73-year-old younger sister of the king, an expert horsewoman who rode for England in the 1976 Olympics, reportedly suffered “minor injuries and a concussion” during an evening stroll near the animals. She’ll miss nine appearances while recovering from brain damage.Her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, and children, Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips, were at the estate at the time of the scary incident.Docs believe her injuries were from being hit by a horse’s head or leg.A former staffer described the princess as “the hardest working royal,” adding: “She’s an amazing woman and will quickly bounce back.“No one would ever dare to tell her…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024ELEPHANT STOMPS SAFARI TOURIST!A U.S. tourist on safari in Zambia was trampled to death by a runaway elephant that yanked her from her tour vehicle while it was stopped to allow a herd to cross the road!It is the second fatal elephant attack on a U.S. tourist in that African country in just three months!New Mexico’s Juliana Gle Tourneau, 64, was happily observing the majestic mammals along with the other people in her tour group during a stop near the Maramba Cultural Bridge in Livingstone to let a pack of pachyderms pass.That’s when one of —the black sheep of the elephant herd — tore away and attacked the vehicle, according to Southern Province Police Commissioner Auxensio Daka.Officials say the berserk beast went gunning for Juliana while her fellow tourists scrambled for cover!Juliana died…2 min
Globe|July 15, 2024RxEXTRAKiwi fruit fights depression✚ CONSUMING kiwis can banish the blues in just four days!That’s the finding of scientists at New Zealand’s University of Otago, who served the fuzzy fruit daily during an eight-week study involving 155 adults.The kiwi eaters claimed their mood quickly improved, with the effects peaking around the 14-day mark.Researchers believe the high vitamin C content of the produce is responsible for the sweet results. The nutrient has been linked to the release of the feel-good hormone serotonin.Neanderthal genes cause autism✚ CAVEMEN could be the source of autism, say scientists, who discovered modern-day folks with the developmental disorder have higher levels of rare Neander thal gene mutations!Researchers at Clemson and Loyola universities reached that conclusion after analyzing DNA differences between patients with the condition and their unaffected siblings.…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024TRUMP PREACHER IN PERV SCANDALA PREDATOR pastor who was once Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser has resigned from his Texas megachurch after allegations resurfaced he molested a preteen girl. Robert Morris, 62, admitted he engaged in “inappropriate sexual behavior” with a “young lady.”But his victim Cindy Clemishire claims he’s downplaying what really happened. “I was not a young lady. I was a little girl, I was 12,” she says, adding the abuse started in 1982 when Morris was staying at her family home and continued for four years.…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024YOUR HOROSCOPEARIESMarch 21 - April 20Mercury in Leo boosts your confidence but watch what you say, Ram! An enthusiastic phrase could accidentally make someone feel bad! Wednesday, an acquaintance brings you a moneymaking deal but the stars say: Run! Follow the sound of an intriguing song to find love at the weekend.TAURUSApril 21 - May 21Monday finds you facing some frustrating mechanical or tech issues while Saturn is retrograde. Check with a savvy friend you trust before paying for an expensive repair. Single Bulls should look for love on Friday when the stars say you’re likely to make a match. Pink brings luck Sunday!GEMINIMay 22 - June 21Running from problems just makes them worse, so take time to focus and work things through. Your new adventures may be exciting and fun…3 min
Globe|July 15, 2024co*kE HEIR BLOWS TOP OVER $900M RAPE AWARDALLEGED sex creep Alki David — heir to a colossal Coca-Cola bottling empire — popped his top after an L.A. jury ordered the bristling billionaire to pay his rape accuser $900 million!The aggrieved gal — who was only identified in her lawsuit as Jane Doe — claims she was sexually assaulted by the mogul while she worked at his media companies.But David, 56, bellows the purported attack “never happened” — and outrageously claims news of the court verdict is “fake!”Alki David has been ordered to pay a former employee…1 min
Globe|July 15, 2024KENNEDY CLAN’S LEGACY IS HARD TO UNDERSTANDA NEW book about John F. Kennedy is another in a long line of tell-alls exposing the terrible faults of the late president, his U.S. attorney general brother Bobby and the other males in the cursed clan.But these bad boys did a lot of good, too, and we shouldn’t forget that.JFK was definitely no angel — maybe even a sex creep by today’s standards! But as a leader, he symbolized hope and a better future and made especially younger Americans believe in it.His famed slogan “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country!” set millions of people on fire to make America and the world a better place in programs like the Peace Corps. Still, his feet of clay make…2 min
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