- Website, Latest Update 2024 (2024) is an online learning platform focused on quizzes, games, and flashcards. It integrates with Quizizz, allowing users to access Quizizz’s library of activities directly from Joinmyquiz. Users can browse and join quizzes by grade level, subject, and topic.

The platform facilitates collaborative learning by making it easy for students and teachers to engage with educational games and assessments.

In this review, we’ll take a detailed look at the key features, pros and cons, pricing, legitimacy, and alternatives to this quiz platform.

What is

Joinmyquiz serves as a hub for Quizizz activities and content. Users can utilize Joinmyquiz in three main ways:

  • Join existing quizzes and gamesusing access codes provided by teachers
  • Create and share their own quizzes and flashcardsfor others to access
  • Browse and search quizzessorted by grade level, subject matter, and topic

The integration with Quizizz gives users access to interactive learning games, formative assessments, and collaborative activities.

Overall, Joinmyquiz aims to simplify the process of engaging students with supplemental learning activities from Quizizz’s collection.


Features of

Some of the key features offered by Joinmyquiz include:

  • Quiz and flashcard creation tools– Users can create their own quizzes, flashcards, and learning games to share with others. There are options to add images, format questions, and more.
  • Pre-made question banks– Browse from categorized question banks spanning various academic levels and subjects. Easily create quizzes pulling from existing Quizizz question sets.
  • Customization and settings– Activities and quizzes can be customized in terms of time limits, shuffle settings, retries allowed, and more. Teachers can tune settings to align with lesson plans.
  • Student tracking– The platform has monitoring and analytics to help teachers track the performance and progress of entire classes or individual students.
  • Accessibility– Joinmyquiz has web, iOS, and Android access to facilitate engagement on phones and tablets in addition to laptops and desktops.

And other collaborative features like:

  • Quiz games with fun themes and formats
  • Group challenge activities
  • Quiz competitions and leaderboards

Overall, the platform provides a wide array of assessment capabilities, question banks, customization tools, and accessibility options.

Pros of

Quiz VarietySupports multiple quiz formats including flashcards, multiple choice, live competitions, icebreakers, and more
CustomizationTeachers can customize quiz settings, times, dates, access controls and more to align with lesson plans
AccessibilityAvailable across devices via web, iOS and Android apps
Student TrackingAnalytics dashboards and monitoring to track overall student progress and engagement
Collaborative FeaturesGroup games, competitions, and challenge modes facilitate peer learning

Cons of

Steep learning curveIt takes time for new users to learn all capabilities and customizations for building quizzes
Limited question banksQuestion banks are reliant on Quizizz’s content and can be limiting for some niche subjects
Free tier restrictionsKey features like analytics tracking are only on paid tiers

Is legit?

Yes, is a legitimate platform for educational quizzes and flashcards. The integration with Quizizz, which has over 30 million monthly users, establishes the platform’s legitimacy.

User reviews of Joinmyquiz are generally positive regarding the access it provides to Quizizz’s extensive activity library and collaborative learning tools.

As an educational software company, Anthropic, Inc. is the creator of both Quizizz and Joinmyquiz. They have a proven track record in building engaging learning activities. Alternatives

AlternativeKey FeaturesPricing
QuizletDigital flashcards, study games, test creationFree – $59.95/year subscriptions
Kahoot!Game-based quizzes and triviaFree – $11.99/month subscriptions
QuizizzMultiplayer educational gamesFree – $49.99/month subscriptions
Google FormsForm builder for quizzesFree

Conclusion and Verdict: Review

In summary, Joinmyquiz successfully combines access to the engaging Quizizz activity library with additional functionality like progress tracking and custom controls.

For teachers aiming to boost student participation, it offers promising tools to build a blended learning program.

The main drawbacks relate to the learning curve and reliance on Quizizz for question banks. However, for core subjects, Quizizz’s database is sufficiently extensive, and the scope of accessory tools on Joinmyquiz itself can provide meaningful value in the classroom.

For these reasons, Joinmyquiz earns a rating of 4 out of 5 stars in our assessment. It accomplishes the goal of accelerating Quizizz adoption in classrooms by streamlining the activity integration and monitoring process.


Can students create accounts on

Yes, students can sign-up for their own accounts using Google or Microsoft credentials. This allows them to track their own progress and gives them access to additional features.

Is there an option for private quizzes on Joinmyquiz?

Yes, teachers can configure quizzes as private so that only specific students can access them with provided entry codes. There are also options to generate single-use links and QR codes.

Do the quizzes work well on mobile devices?

Yes, Joinmyquiz is accessible via native iOS and Android mobile apps in addition to the mobile-friendly website. So activities, games, and flashcards are fully functional across smartphones and tablets.

Can non-teachers use the premium assets or teacher plans?

No, usage of premium content and teacher subscription plans is limited specifically to teacher accounts only. The assets are designed for classroom and curriculum usage.

Is there analytics for quiz results?

Yes, Joinmyquiz provides detailed analytics on quiz results and student progress. This allows teachers to pinpoint areas for improvement and track growth over time. Analytics are limited to paid plans. - Website, Latest Update 2024 (2024)


How to get the Quizizz answers? ›

You can do so on the Quiz Details page! Go into your library and select the quiz you want to see. On the Quiz Details page, press the show answers button to see answers. Options with a green dot imply the correct answer.

How do you see students answers on Quizizz? ›

Switch to the 'Overview' tab to see the big picture of your partcipants' performances. Correct answers are marked in green, incorrect answers are marked in red, and ungraded questions are marked in blue.

Does Quizizz show the correct answers? ›

Show correct answer after each question

This setting controls the feedback that participants see right after answering a question. If set to OFF, participants will not see the correct answer after each question. They will also not know if they have given the correct answer immediately after attempting a question.

What is the Quizizz code? ›

On Quizizz, a game code or a join code is a unique numerical code that is generated whenever you host a Quiz or a Lesson. Students can visit and enter this code to join your activity. Game codes are automatically generated.

How to detect cheating on Quizizz? ›

When you enable Test Mode, students are required to take the quiz in full screen. If students quit the full screen to switch to or open another tab, they are warned and are dissuading them from cheating. You will be notified if students continue to switch tabs while attempting the quiz.

How to get Kahoot answers? ›

Launch a Live game. Click the gearwheel icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Enable the Show questions & answers option.

Is Quizizz no longer free? ›

Quizizz | Free Online Quizzes, Lessons, Activities and Homework.

Does Quizizz shuffle answers? ›

With this setting enabled, the answer options will be shuffled for each question. That is, each student will see a different order of answer options on their screen for a given question. Turn this OFF if you want the answers to appear in the original order for everyone.

What is glitch in Quizizz? ›

Power-Ups & Their Types
Power-upWhat it does
Time FreezeThe timer is frozen to allow players to answer 1 question
Power PlayAll players in the quiz get 50% more score in 20 seconds
Streak SaverProtects a player's streak against an incorrect answer
GlitchAll players' screens glitch for 10 seconds (does not affect scores)
8 more rows
Nov 17, 2023

What is the difference between Quizizz and kahoot? ›

What is the primary difference between Quizizz and Kahoot? The primary difference lies in their approach to learning – Quizizz is more focused on customization and detailed analytics, while Kahoot emphasizes a game-based learning experience.

How many numbers are in a Quizizz code? ›

The quizizz game codes are 8 digits long. In addition, sometimes when you copy and paste - the code gives you an error. Try typing the code into the code box.

What is the best quiz website? ›

Best Sites for Online Quizzes
  • JetPunk.
  • Buzzfeed Quizzes.
  • Quiz UK.
  • Sporcle.
  • The Pub Quiz Company.
  • Quizly.
  • 16 Personalities.
  • Wizarding World.

How do you get results from Quizizz? ›

You can click on the View quiz button to take a closer look at the quiz and all its questions. You'll also find the option to share, download, and print the report. Scroll down to view the Participants tab. Here, you will find the accuracy, points, and scores earned by each of your students.

How do you get multiple answers on Quizizz? ›

However, if your question has multiple correct answers, click on the 'More than one correct answer' option. Fill-in-the-Blanks questions enable participants to manually type answers in a single input field (with a character limit of 999) or in separate boxes per letter (with a character limit of 40).


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