How to Use 5x55 Manifestation Method: Example Affirmations (2024)

The 5x55 journal method is a powerful law of attraction technique that uses repetition, affirmation and vibration to manifest your desires.

By repeating your affirmations 55 times for 5 days you are reprogramming your subconscious mind to attract and manifest anything you want. Let’s explore how it works.

    What is the 5x55 Manifestation Method?

    The 5x55 method is a journaling practice where you choose a desire, create and affirmation and write it down 55 times for 5 days in a row. This can be quite a time commitment and there are rules. If you miss a day you have to start again, if you write your affirmation less than 55 times on a single day you have to start again and you can’t change or skip words.

    It's important to follow the rules precisely as the repetition is working toward reprogramming the subconscious mind and harness the power of the law of attraction.

    What is the Law of Attraction?

    The 5x55 uses the law of attraction to manifest your desires.The law of attraction is one of the 12 Universal laws and is is the basic principle that you attract whatever you focus on; that "like attracts like". We’re all using the law of attraction all of the time, we just aren’t aware of it.

    You think around 90% of the same thoughts today as you did yesterday; this is your subconscious mind’s version of auto-pilot. If you're not aware of this it's really difficult to shift your mindset because you're constantly being fed the same information by your brain.

    Your thoughts attract your experiences. So, for example, if you’re a particularly anxious person then you focus on anxious outcomes and attract more anxious experiences.

    In order to manifest you first have to shift your mental programming to meet the positive frequency of your desires. You can't manifest your dream life while thinking "this will never happen for me" or "Ihave really bad luck". You have to truly believe that it's coming to you.

    Using the 5x55 method can help you to shift your focus on attracting your desires and send new positive signals to the brain.

    Benefits of 5x55 Manifestation Method

    Practicing the 5x55 method is a powerful way to reprogram the subconscious mind. When you repeat your desire, visualize it and feel it as if it’s already true to amplify the chemical reaction in the brain, you’re sending the brain new powerful signals.

    That means you’re slowly shifting the 90% of thoughts that are repeating over and over again in the mind; changing your auto-pilot settings to focus on something new.

    This helps to raise your frequency to that of your desire. Remember, “like attracts like” so if you’re feeling positive, grateful and excited about your manifestation you are more likely to attract it.

    Not only are you attracting through this method you’re also sending yourself subliminal messages that will influence your conscious actions.You will feel more inclined to work toward your goal or desire as you've got a clearer vision of what you want.

    How to Use the 5x55 Method

    1. Choose Your Affirmation

    Spend some time to really think about what it is that you want. Make it exciting! Don’t be too proper about it, just write it in your tone of voice and make sure whatever it is triggers joy and enthusiasm.

    Your affirmation will be short and sweet so you have to know exactly what it is that you’d like to manifest. You’ll want it to be long enough that you can include specific details but short enough that it has an impact when you read and write it.

    Here are some helpful tips on choosing your affirmation:

    1. Be really specific about what you want
    2. Go into as much detail in your mind about it as you can
    3. Keep it short and sweet (1-2 sentences max) - include specific details but try to keep it short enough that it makes an impact
    4. Feel an emotional connection to what you’re writing - make it sound exciting and in your tone of voice
    5. Use present tense - this will help you to feel as if you already have it - remember “like attracts like”
    6. Use positive wording and gratitude - “I am grateful to have” “I am so thankful that”

    2. Find the Time & Place

    Writing something out 55 times can be pretty challenging and time consuming. Ensuring that you create a safe space to practice this method is really important. You can’t write them out while you’re watching TV, listening to music with lyrics or are distracted by someone in the room.

    This will take you around 15-20 minutes depending on how long your affirmation is and you’ll want to remain focused on your visualization for the entire time.

    Setting the mood will help you to focus; dim the lights, light some candles or play some solfeggio frequencies in the background to help you concentrate.

    3. Write Your Affirmation 55x

    It's best practice to write your affirmations with a paper and pen unless you’re unable to do so. The act of physically putting pen to paper is a powerful part of this manifestation method. Because this is a law of attraction technique you will want to be as present as you can while writing your affirmation. Here are some tips on writing your affirmation:

    1. Take your time with it and don't rush
    2. Stay present - it is important to focus for the duration of the practice
    3. Visualize the affirmation as if it was happening now - how does having your desire make you feel?
    4. Connect your emotions to the affirmation - feel as if you already have it

    If your mind begins to wander, catch yourself and return back to your visualization as you write. The more you stay in the present, visualize and heighten your emotional frequency the more likely you are to attract your desire.

    4. Let Go

    Once you have completed your writing for the day it’s time to let go. You can still maintain a positive focus on your goal but it is actually counterproductive to constantly obsess about it.

    You attract what you focus on, so if you’re wondering about when you’re manifestation will comes true you’re signaling “lack” to the subconscious mind. By wondering where it is, you are focusing on its absence and will therefore attract more absence.

    After your 5 days are complete, continue to relax and be unbothered by the arrival of your manifestation. It may take a few days, a week or even a month.

    Try to maintain a positive outlook and focus on the feeling of having your desire in the present. Staying in this heightened emotional state will raise your vibrational frequency and attract more to you.When experiences or opportunities come your way that will help you toward your manifestation take them on and focus your energy on the present moment.

    Final Thoughts

    Using the 5x55 method for manifestation is a powerful way to shift the subconscious mind. When you're thoughts become positive you can use the law of attraction in your favour to manifest your desired reality. The act of repetition, visualization and heightening your emotional frequency while writing your affirmations will help to reprogram your subconscious mind.This will affect your actions both subconsciously and consciously to help you attract all of your desires.

    If you tried the 5x55 method for manifestation we'd love to hear from you! Contact us here or DMus on Instagram with your story or if you have any questions.

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    How to Use 5x55 Manifestation Method: Example Affirmations (3)How to Use 5x55 Manifestation Method: Example Affirmations (4)

    How to Use 5x55 Manifestation Method: Example Affirmations (2024)


    What is an example of 555 affirmation? ›

    Here are a few affirmation examples you can try using the 555 manifestation method: I am so thankful to have my soulmate in my life. I am grateful for the career success I've achieved. I'm grateful for the extra money that's come into my life.

    How do you accomplish the 555 rule? ›

    5-5-5 Rule
    1. 5 days in the bed. This is where you spend your first 5 days at home laying in the bed. ...
    2. 5 days on the bed. During these next 5 days, you can start to sit up and do things on the bed. ...
    3. 5 days around the bed. While your focus should still be on resting, during these 5 days, you can stand up and move around the bed.
    Nov 6, 2019

    How do you write a manifestation example? ›

    For example:
    • I am capable of succeeding at my goals.
    • I am open to being the best version of myself.
    • I open my mind and soul to creativity.
    • I welcome positive energy in my life.
    • I release all of my insecurities.
    • I have a right to fulfill my dreams.
    • I am capable of self-love.
    Jul 31, 2022

    What is the best manifestation technique? ›

    Manifestation is based on the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction.
    • Power of Positive Thinking. ...
    • Law of Attraction. ...
    • Practice Visualization. ...
    • Create a Vision Board. ...
    • Maintain a Future Box. ...
    • Try the 3-6-9 Method. ...
    • Practice the 777 Method. ...
    • Make a 10-10-10 Worksheet.
    Jan 1, 2024

    How many times should I write my manifestation? ›

    The method involves writing down your desired manifestation three times in the morning, six times during the day, and nine times in the evening. This repetition throughout the day is believed to reinforce your intention and signal the universe to bring your desire into reality.

    How to script for instant manifestation? ›

    How to Script for Manifestation in 5 Steps
    1. Set Your Intentions. The foundation of a successful scripting practice begins with clarity. ...
    2. Create a Scripting Journal. A scripting journal becomes the sacred space for your manifestation journey. ...
    3. Write in the Present Tense. ...
    4. Include Emotions and Details. ...
    5. Regular Practice.
    Feb 8, 2024

    How do you write affirmations correctly? ›

    Affirmations are always written in the present tense, for example- “I am happy today”. Apparently our subconscious responds to affirmations better when things are happening now and not to something that will happen in future. 2. The affirmations works best when you have a goal to achieve.

    How do you write a powerful manifestation? ›

    Secrets to Manifesting the Life You Desire Easily & Effortless
    1. Write your Desires Specifically. ...
    2. Keep a Gratitude Journal. ...
    3. Write Positive Affirmations for Your Desires. ...
    4. Write Daily in Your Manifestation Journal. ...
    5. Stay Away from Negative Words. ...
    6. Stay Consistent. ...
    7. Believe It's Already Happening. ...
    8. Release and Let Go.
    Oct 4, 2023

    How to do affirmations correctly? ›

    Start your short positive affirmation with the words, “I am…” “I can…” or “I will…” followed by a present tense statement, says Bathgate. It's best to keep it simple so the statement is something you can easily remember and turn to when you're stressed or need motivation.

    What do you write when manifesting? ›

    Write a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life. Include people, situations, events and accomplishments in your life that you value most. As you write, allow the emotions of gratitude to grow. Next, write a list of all the things you want to manifest and feel grateful for receiving them.

    What color manifests money? ›

    What color represents wealth? Green is often associated with wealth, as it is the color of money in many countries. Additionally, gold and purple are also sometimes associated with luxury and abundance.

    What is the best manifestation number? ›

    Common Angel Numbers
    • 000 means opportunities are coming. ...
    • 111 is a sign of new beginnings. ...
    • 222 is a reminder to slow down. ...
    • 444 is a sign of support. ...
    • 555 is a call to action. ...
    • 666 is a sign you need to reflect and recalibrate. ...
    • 777 is a lucky number. ...
    • 888 is the number of financial success.

    What are 555 manifestations? ›

    The 555 method is a manifestation tool used to bring your desires into your life quickly. This method involves writing down your desire 55 times a day, for 5 consecutive days. While writing you should focus on the feelings and emotions that would be invoked if the manifestation was already your reality.

    What does 555 mean in the Law of Attraction? ›

    The law of attraction simply states that what we put out into the universe will be rewarded back to us. The 555 meaning within the law of attraction suggests that if you want to receive positive changes and new adventures, you need to first put out those positive ideals.

    What is the purpose of 555? ›

    The 555 timer IC is an integrated circuit used in a variety of timer, delay, pulse generation, and oscillator applications. It is one of the most popular timing ICs due to its flexibility and price. Derivatives provide two (556) or four (558) timing circuits in one package.

    How do you write affirmations 3 times? ›

    By writing your affirmations three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening, you're engaging in a sacred ritual. This ritual helps to establish a powerful frequency of belief and expectation.


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