30 February Quotes that Reflect on The Shortest Month (2024)

February quotes depict our collection of funny, loving and wise musings. While it is true, if you live in a Northern climate, that February is one of the snowiest and coldest months of the year,but it is also the shortest month of the year which shares a dedicated day of love, i.e. Valentine's day.

It is also a month for those who enjoy the winter activities that it brings including ice skating, snowshoeing, skiing, and many others. February represents nature's way of storing up water for use to water its' land, tobe the natural nourishment for spring flowers and the moisture necessary for early gardens.

We hope that you not only enjoy these quotations but that you'll find happiness within its' days. Also, for your enjoyment, in case you may have thought that nothing importantever happens in February, we have included examples of some February historical events.

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  1. The month of February may be cold and filled with heavy snow but I would offer you great ancouragement to exit your warm confines and enjoy nature's snowy white playground.Victoria L. Adenson
    February Poems
  2. February may be the shortest month of the year, so enjoy every day as it will soon be over!Catherine Pulsifer
    Month Poems
  3. The test of a true friendship is just like the test of enduring the harshness of a February snowstorm.Victoria L. Adenson
    Friendship Poems
  4. Sometimes a Christian's life is just like the month of February; it is filled with deep snowbanks to circumvent while awaiting the anticipated warmth of the spring.Theodore W. Higginsworth
    Christian Poems
  5. February, cold and still...Yet, we're glad this month is brief, March brings a sense of relief.Catherine Pulsifer, February Cold
    March Poems
  6. February is the month we start dreaming about our garden, we have had enough of winter.Catherine Pulsifer
    Garden Poems
  7. Without Valentine's Day, February would be - well, January.Jim Gaffigan
    Funny Poems about Life

    30 February Quotes that Reflect on The Shortest Month (1)

  8. Winter brings the cold of February but remember it is only temporary.Catherine Pulsifer, Winter Is Back Again
    Winter Poems
  9. January can feel like a long, dark tunnel, but February brings hope of light at the end.Catherine Pulsifer
    January Poems
  10. Never despair that you were born in the cold of February. History shows important and significant events occurred - including your birth.B. C. Artworst
    Birthday Poems
  11. The coldest months, December, January, and February, always seem to be the longest.Catherine Pulsifer
    December Poems
  12. The Leap Year, which comes once in four, gives February one day more.
    A New Day Poem
  13. It is most often true that February is the snowiest, coldest month of the year, yet, I am not mired within its' cold for together we are still bold.Annabelle Marie Haines
  14. February brings sweet Valentine's Day, love in the air, in a special way.Catherine Pulsifer, A Holiday Awaits
    Holiday Poems
  15. Many joyful hours are spent with grandchildren building snow forts that February cherishes.Kate Summers
  16. Goodbye February, you were quite chill....March arrives with a warm embrace, we're ready for spring's radiant face.Catherine Pulsifer, Goodbye February
    March Quotes
  17. February lays bear the cheerful bright leaves of fall but waters the colorful flowers of spring.H. H. Hopalotomus
    Short Quotes
  18. January Babies grow as pretty, pure and white as snow! February Babies, next, have "Kindness" for their daily text!Althea Randolph
    Baby Poems
  19. I deny February Valentine's Day cast upon us for it denies that love prevails throughout every day, of every month, of every year.Byron R. Pulsifer
    Valentines Day Poems
  20. Rose Day is a time to celebrate your love for others. Give a rose to those you love.Victoria L. Adenson
    Rose Day Quotes
  21. The strength of one's imagination of warm, sun-soaked days of summer is challenged by the cold and snow of February.Robert Rivers

    30 February Quotes that Reflect on The Shortest Month (2)

  22. Life is too short to wish February away. Get out and enjoy it!Mary S. Scotsburn
    Life Is Too Short Quotes
  23. February is God's natural reservoir of both spring waters and unhindered snowshoe trails.Freddy J. W. Parkes
    Poems About God
  24. February hearts entwine, love blooms like flowers on Valentine's Day.Author Unknown
    Short Love Quotes
  25. January whispers of fresh beginnings, a clean slate to rewrite our stories. As it gracefully gives way to February, love enters the stage, warming the cold winter nights. In the union of January and February, we find the magic of starting anew and the enchantment of love's embrace.Author Unknown
    January Quotes
  26. May you have roses in February to remind you of love.Sam Fickinsen
    Rose Quotes
  27. There is never a month that I do not thoroughly enjoy. Why? I've wisely scratched out January and February.Theodore W. Higgingsworth
    Cute Quotes
  28. Now I know why I was born near the beginning of winter - in order to save up enough fat to make it through January and February.Rory R. Cuphist
    Humorous Quotes
  29. The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size.Gertrude Smith Wister
    Garden Quotes
  30. February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March.J.R. Stockton
    Time Quotes

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30 February Quotes that Reflect on The Shortest Month (2024)


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